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Dropping out of uni and student loans for tuition fee

Hi, I’ve decided to drop out of my course it’s only been two weeks buts it’s not for me. I just want to know the process going forward. It’s a masters so I’ve received only a tuition loan this time. And received my first instalment which I’m due to pay next month. But I’ve spent a small bit for maintenance but have enough to pay the university for the first term in savings. So what do I need to do? With it and also the uni has a form to fill out if you want to drop out but must I also speak to my lecturer about it in person? Please help
You should contact SFE regarding repayments to them. Masters degree loans are not tuition fee loans or maintenance loans specifically, you just get the loan to spend on either and/or both. As you've dropped out early in the course you will need to repay the majority of the loan amount you have been paid. If you aren't able to do this immediately you will need to discuss a payment plan with SFE - I gather they are usually receptive to such requests.

In terms of uni fee liability, usually if you leave the course very early on (in the first week or two) you don't pay the fees (or the whole fee). There is usually a set cut off date for this so you should find out from your uni what if anything you need to pay in terms of fees. I would strongly recommend you speak with your personal tutor about dropping out and what the requirements to do so are and what your fee liability is.

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