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Is there a way to see what subjects have spots left before results day?
Clearing opens after IB results day, well in advance of A-level results day. However the majority of places are added on A-level results day. There will be many more courses in clearing on A-level results day than the day before!

So essentially what you are thinking (of figuring out where to apply concretely beforehand) won't work - to a significant point clearing is a case of waiting and seeing whats there and being quick on the mark when the clearing hotlines open to call up unis.

Of course it is pragmatic to think about what courses and unis you may be interested in before the main period of clearing gears up on A-level results day, so that way you know what you're looking for and which unis you want to check first when A-level results come out and the phone lines are opening :smile:
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Thank you :smile: Im hoping to get into loughborough for maths and stats through clearing as im hoping my a level grades will be much better than my predicted. realistically what are my chances of getting in, is maths an oversubscribed or undersubscribed subject and do maths degrees commonly have places on clearing?

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