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struggling with dating

So I'm a 20 year old guy and the last time and only time i was actually in a relationship was 17. I've done stuff since but like not an actual girlfriend. I've tried Tinder, Hinge. I briefly bought tinder gold or whatever it is and got a fair few matches but without it i maybe get one or two every couple of months. Hinge is even rarer. And often i';ll get a match and start talking only for suddenly to find they stopped responding. I got close to arranging a date the other day but they never replied after agreeing to it.

I've started university but the thing is is that even a lot of people in the first year here seem to have partners. I've tried meeting girls just i know here and stuff but it's hard to know what they actually think my intentions or whatever are. Like i might be halfway through meeting a girl alone talking over a drink or something only to find the mention of a boyfriend.

I honestly don't think its my looks i mean maybe its my pictures i don't know but i often make out with girls on nights out but i'm at the age where i actually just want a partner. everyone i know or went to school with has one. Sometimes i wonder if its a social thing as i'm very mildly autistic but to the untrained eye and most people it's not really noticeable.

I try and not let it bother me but i feel like if i don't find a partner at university/college i will struggle immensely to find one outside. In between the ages of 18 and 20 when i had finished hs but not started university i relied on dating apps and i never had any success. I think there was one girl i liked in one of the jobs i did but she was in a relationship.
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I have tried the dating apps your talking about didn't get much luck on those either. I found another app which was much better. Coffee meets bagel.

It does take time to find someone but it's worth waiting for someone that would suit you.

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