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Hi All.
So this year I had an offer to study Medical sciences at UCL and although that’s great and all and I met my offer I really wanted to do pharmacy it’s just a very interesting course to me. So I went through clearing and found a pharmacy school which by commuting is around 1.5-2 hours away from me but every single day the commute makes me depressed. I lose sleep by dreading the commute and no one takes the same route as me. In terms of friends I have made a few but we have differing timetables with practicals and workshops.

I honestly love my pharmacy course but I also feel like I can’t handle the commute for 4 years, do I just reapply back to UCL,QMUL and London unis like I did originally for Biomed/Medical science or do I just stick with this.

For anyone asking I can’t do Pharmacy at UCL or kings due to not meeting entry criteria but I can do it with a foundation year at Kingston.

So it’s either I give up my pharmacy place now which is non foundation and reapply to Medical science at QM and UCL and foundation pharmacy at Kingston or I just stick it out. Believe me so I have been trying to keep calm for the last 2 weeks but everyday I just dread the commute and feel depressed.

2 hours to go and 2 hours to come back, I live in London btw I also can’t live I live in accommodation and the area around the uni is so insanely boring I wouldn’t be able to
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I think you should look again at why you "can't" live in accommodation, or explain further and see if anyone can come up with options. Because I'm not sure how living in a "boring" area could be worse than spending four hours a day on a train and getting depressed about it. Where is this place you are commuting to?

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