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Am I over thinking?

So my recently new mate is talking/ has been talking to this guy for a while now and she’s on Snapchat and I sent her something and I’m on delivered for ages.. I joke with her saying that she’s snapping her bf and leaving me on delivered I see how it is.. she says no she’s not when she was on snap like 1 min ago.. then she says she saw what I put but can’t listen since she’s at work and she says she’s not messaging anyone.. then after we had that discussion she’s turned her snap Bitmoji off and I just said to her “I’m sorry I don’t mean to be crazy lol it’s just sometimes I’m left on delivered for bloody ages and you’re on snap n I’m like what ? I dunno i just want to be liked lol . As you can see I’m over thinking 🤣 xx” since this has happened it kinda reminded me of my ex mate who would ignore me and stuff and make me crazy ?? but I don’t want to call her a liar because she’s always there for me and nothing like my ex mate? I want to keep friends but this isn’t the way lol.

Q: what would you do If your friend was like this ? And how do you stop acting like this .
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If it's not urgent, just send something and then come off social media and do something more productive.

If you want a back-and-forth, phone your friend or meet up for a normal conversation. You've said she's there for you at other times, but she won't be much longer if you're stalking her Snapchat use.
Unless you have actual proof of something you're accusing someone of, I suggest you stop with that attitude because it's coming off as pesky needy, and entitled.

If a friend is putting you on the back burner, you bring it up to them that in a mature way.

" friendships are two way way street, i don't think it's fair you only contact me on your terms"...or something ....and you leave it at that. Don't beg.
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