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he ignored me

a couple days ago i met up with this guy that lives in my neighboorhood. i snuck out of the house to meet up with him. we met up two nights in a row. the first night we ended up watching a movie at his place and he seemed like a really nice guy. he was super funny, kind and sweet. we got along and i really like him. whats even better is that he lives in my neighboorhood so he lives very close to me.

on the second night we met up we went for a walk together and were talking,laving,sharing stories and having lots of fun. thats when i decided i wanted to kiss him. and so i did. it was a good idea because he went in for it as well. after that we went back to his place and we we hung out some more and he walked me back home and said goodnight.

we had plans to meet up again the next day but he said he couldnt because he was "busy". though he promised me that we will meet up the day after that. and so after the next day came around i said "hey we're still hanging out tn right?" i didnt get a response from him the entire night. i asked his best friend about it and asked where he was. he replied with "idk he has a life" and he said "you like him more than he likes you so i would say just calm down and stop obsessing over him he might loose feelings." does that mean he doesnt like me anymore i asked myself.

when i woke up that morning i got a text from him and he said "oh sorry i couldnt meet up last night my mom took my phone away so im on my ipad rn". i thought it was a reasonable answer so i let it go. though, he is also on my school bus and when i saw him there he HAD HIS PHONE WITH HIM!. even in school i saw him in the hallways with his phone. his phone did NOT get taken away.

he hasnt spoke a single word to me since.

does he hate me? advice pls and what should i do
Perhaps he did have his phone taken away from him when he's at home but was given it back for when he's at school?

Did you reply to his message?

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