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Finance as a new student

Hi all .. so for a while now I have thought about doing my degree .. I have waited until my little one has gotten a bit older so she can get herself to and from school. Saving the childcare issues .
I am a single parent currently working .
I earn a good wage and am financially stable ..
I will have to quit my job and go to uni full time for the course I want to do ..

Can anyone please tell me what finance I will be entitled to as a single parent .. income will be zero due to not working . Am I going to manage university for 3 years with a child .

My job allows me to work bank shifts .. if and when I can get a shift in around my study .. will this effect how much student finance I am entitled to ..

Please someone put my mind at ease .. I will be gutted if I can’t fulfil my dream due to being a single parent .

Many thanks in advance x

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