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Possible interview for unqualified early years practitioner and I'm really nervous

Hi! I have an interview for the role of unqualified early years practitioner and I'm really nervous about it, more than I have been about my other job interviews.

For context, I'm 18 taking a few years off before I apply for uni. Currently, I'm looking for a job; it's been difficult because I've got no experience. So far, I've sort of just been going for stuff like retail, service and admin and I haven't been successful yet; I've had two interviews so far, and I have a food and beverage role interview on Monday. I'm on UC, which means I have to meet with a work coach every week. This week, I had a different coach and she asked if I'd ever considered working with children, and I said yes since I'm pretty sure I'll go into teaching, she sent me the link to apply for an unqualified early years practitioner role. The nursery manager emailed me and asked if I would be interested in coming in for an interview to discuss my CV.

The thing is, I'm really nervous about it. For one, it's in an area I'm unfamiliar with and I'm not 100% sure how I'm getting there yet. Also, I have no experience or qualifications in childcare; I have good A levels (A*BB in English lit, history and psych) but that doesn't mean I'm right for the role. I've not interacted much with little kids, and I'm sure people who know me would think I'd be the last person to work with little kids because I have this persona of being quite tough and stuff. But, I'm interested in doing something actually rewarding like this before I apply for uni, even if the pay isn't much and I'd have to study towards a childcare qualification in order to work there.

But yeah, I'm kind of worried I'll turn up there and it'll be immediately apparent that it was a mistake even applying, and that I'll be laughed out of there. And also there's this anxiety about if I do end up getting accepted but I don't end up wanting to do it, because the idea of quitting is mortifying.

Edit: To clarify, I don't need this job, but I guess out of the ones I've applied for so far I feel the least like I'm suited for even if I kind of want it?? The other jobs I've been interviewed for or I'm about to be interviewed for feel like a lot less pressure because I'm just in it for the money and social element of it, but for this one I feel like it would feel worthwhile even if I feel embarrassed even being interested in the job because of how out of my comfort zone it is.
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