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Can we study sixth form college for 3 years?

I've been in the UK for almost a year now. During my enrollment at my town's sixth form college, I was denied the opportunity to study A Levels due to my international qualifications. While my international Math qualification is comparable with GCSE Math, my English qualifications weren’t. Despite achieving English scores of over 86-89%, I've been compelled to undertake GCSE English alongside the BTEC IT Level 3 National Diploma. My initial goal was to study A levels and an admission to a university. Unfortunately, I cannot retake the GCSE since it's typically for students who failed it. My plan is to attend sixth form college for three years. In the first year, I'm studying GCSE English alongside the BTEC. Next year, after receiving my English GCSE grades, I am planning to study three A levels and try to discontinue my current BTEC course. This would entail a total of three years in sixth form college. Is this possible and what if I study 3 A levels along with the BTEC (if they refuse to discontinue from my timetable)?

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