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Not sure what happened after all these years.

I'll put a trigger warning here for potential SA.

This happened to me 6 years ago, when I was 14. I knew a girl, let's call her J, and we were friends. She was pretty likeable, friendly and outgoing and so I would hang with her in our shared classes when I had the chance.

She wasn't originally from the UK, and came from a culture that was pretty affectionate. So she would hug people (myself included) a lot. I wasn't totally comfortable with this, but I let it slide because she wouldn't do it for very long. I realise know I should've said something but I was young and fearful of arguments.

So, one day, she claimed that she was experimenting with her sexuality. Fine, no worries, that's okay and normal for people our age. Figuring out who you are is a big step in development, I would try to be that supportive friend for her.

As the weeks went on, she started getting overly...touchy. Not just with me, but other girls (some whom I was friends with). We all sort of boiled it down to J being overly affectionate. Until it reached a point where it wasn't okay at all.

I'm speaking on my own behalf here, but there are others likely with similar stories.

All on different occasions, she once grabbed my chest (fully placed her hands my chest), pulled on my bra strings and made them snap against my skin, and hiked her hands up my thighs with that whole terrible 'ambulances don't stop at red light's'...Game? Trick? I don't know what you'd call it. But all those times felt horrible, and I wish I said something looking back.

We were 14. So I don't want to pull the whole, 'SA' thing. But, in definition, it's unsolicited and unwanted touching. I'm thinking back on it years later and it still makes me seriously uncomfortable, like I can feel her hands being there. Just...gross.

What would you call it? I'm not sure how to approach the whole thing in my head as I started really reflecting on it recently. I know it was wrong but, I'm just confused.

Thanks for listening.
Sounds like a habit of non-consensual touching.
Some of which most likely was battery and sexual assault.

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