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AHRC Referencing? (Urgent)

So I'm filling in my university nomination form and the proposal guidelines say "Full bibliographic referencing is not required". I assume they still want references to studies to evidence gaps in literature, prevent plagiarism etc? In this case, how do I refer to the studies, eg. do I just reference "Author (Year:Page)" in the text but not list the sources at the end?

I tried contacting them but they haven't replied and my uni deadline is in 2 days so if anyone can tell me I'd be really grateful :smile: I'm all done I'm just stuck on referencing requirements/style!
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Your initial assessment seems correct to me.
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Due to the short character lengths of AHRC applications, I imagine you won't be able to put detailed reference in anyway. I believe I used references like (Smith, 2023) in mine and it wasn't an issue.
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Thank you both! I'll leave it like that then.
Original post by Ysn
Thank you both! I'll leave it like that then.

For what it's worth, I did the same for my funding application and it was fine :smile:

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