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Always feeling left out

I never really get to the stage of being seen as a "close" friend.with a group of people and I feel in some ways close but other itmes I feel distant and i'm like not a part of them. I am autistic which probably doesn't help but its so mild no one has ever really suggested i have it unless they're really close to me and even then its only been like one or two people in my entire life. I thought we were close til i found out i had been excluded from something pretty big and not told about it. With girls i can almost never get past the first date even with girls i feel i have a really good bond with. I just feel like i'm going through life never being a part of anything or any relationship and it makes me feel a little hopeless. just looking for advice/suggestions or whatever. thanks
I have no answers but to send you best wishes and support and say I'm sorry you feel like this. It won't be just you, many people/ esp teenagers/ adolescents feel like this whether neurodivergent or not. The girls also may have no clue of who they are/what they want. COVID lost you 2 years of learning to socialise etc which cant be downplayed. Its easy to say but your time will come.

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