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african parent

hi guys , i need someone to talk and open my mind to , i have an African mom , she is so strict she is too strict , i can't do nothing like hangout with a friend after school or anything like that when i have to stay for coach class after school she will call me a lot even face time so ,i have no freedom at all , you guys might be wondering may be i am bad student or something .no i am not at all , all my friend drink and smoke i don't even do all that and i have no bf ,even i want to talk to someone RN which i know if it work out it will be hard for me .she is just so strict in everything and i am 16 and a senior in hs like i am 1 and half ahead my mate . she once quote : i am sending you to school to read not to make friends i have a lot of trauma in me like a lot and she has no idea and she does go through my phone like a lot she check everything i am not allowed to socia media at all but u know 🤫 and if i have friends number on my phone it is a problem .so i had friends and the relationship work well like she always there for me and i was talking to her this evening i was on the call with her for like 30 minutes right and all the suddenly once i hang out she started yell um all this need to stop blah, blah .once i get my happiness it will take away from me and a lot of stuff happened and honesty my life is like so boring and i am fed up and i will be going to college next year too, finger cross but honestly i was so done with all this
damn parents must be educated before educating their children, ur mom sounds like a traditional CHINESE mom(im Chinese lol)she got lots of problems,try to say sth to have her not CONTROL u anymore.Be OPENMINDED mom,if im with ill hug u, u need to let ur teachers to persuade her,if it doesnt work yet,ask police or educational department for help,dont let her check ur phone,no one step back,no one,u need to show ur attitude seriously,u k u cant persuade tiger in a gentleman way,hug u again.patpat
thanks for the hugs and advice

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