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Chances of getting a place from ucl and imperial after Cambridge rejection?

Is it even harder to get an offer/ interview from ucl and imperial compared to cambridge?

I'll be honest I am a resit student who originally sat my exams in 2022 and didn't get the right grades, so now im resitting 2 alevels (Maths and phys) and doing 1 new subject (Further maths). I am supposed to resit them next summer and have applied to Cambridge, ucl and imperial in October for engineering.

I just got rejected pre-interview from cam so I feel like the other 2 are going to aswell, as imperial hasn't send me an invite to their EEE aptitude test and I hear ucl doesn't do interviews on their EEE course, but as im resitting it already doesn't give a Good look of my academic profile.

At this point I just want to be rejected from all 3 ASAP.
There’s still hope they have until around May to answer you. I would still keep motivated you might get a interview but always look into clearing nearer to results day/after as you never know spaces could come up and there’s also the waiting lists.good luck with everything I know it’s a tough wait but u can do it

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