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What is a Scholarship?

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A little extra money to spend at uni is always a good thing but scholarships can be confusing, with all the different ones that unis offer. So, what are scholarships? How and where can I apply?

What is a scholarship?
Scholarships are a merit-based financial aid that enables students to pursue further education without the need to repay the sponsor at the end of their course. Scholarships are different from bursaries as they are usually granted to high-achieving students based on their excellence of academic achievement, extracurriculars, and any impressive and noteworthy accomplishments.

How can I apply for a scholarship?
To apply for a scholarship, search on each universities website and see what the requirements are to apply. Some universities might offer multiple scholarships, so choose the one that suits you best.

At BCU, we offer two types of scholarships: one is based on academic achievement, and the other is based on personal circumstances.

If you're from the UK, the government offer scholarships for students who wish to pursue teaching as a career. The NHS also offer funding for social work, midwifery and nursing.

Birmingham City University Scholarships
1. The High Achievers' Scholarship
Regardless of your background, if you apply to BCU by the January UCAS deadline and go on to achieve 144 or more UCAS points, you will be eligible for a ยฃ1,000 scholarship.

This scheme is eligible for students applying to undergraduate courses (BA, BSc, LLB, MSci).

2. BCU Accelerate Scholarship
Students from lower income households who enrol with our BCU via the Accelerate programme are eligible to apply.

Scholarships allow education to be more accessible, to thousands of students. Capable of alleviating financial burdens, therefore opening doors for students to pursue higher education possibly facing economic constraints.

You can find more about scholarships, and the financial aid we offer here at Birmingham City University here!

Hope that helps! Let me know if you have any questions about scholarships :smile:
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