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I have applied for student finance and have been accepted for the minimum amount, as im living with only one parent i went to apply for it by sending my sponsors martial status (council bill + martial status form).

I had sent this at the start of November which i hadn't received an acceptance. I had contacted student finance and they had told me that it has been reviewed and accepted. They had then texted me this through their virtual assistant (i had already called multiple times).

“There is however a system error preventing the full assessment of the loan based on your dad's income. This is a known error affecting other students as well and is being investigated. Unfortunately though system errors do not have a timescale for how long it will take to resolved.”

As of this I'm confused on what this “internal problem” is, they have also stated that there is no timescale when this will be resolved and now i am thinking of the worst where it would come next year.

Has anyone experienced this or know anyone with advice on this specific matter, it would be greatly appreciated!

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