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How long does it take to know a person's true colours

Hey guys,

I read that after a few months, in month 3 or 4, that's when you learn about a person's true colours. For example, at the beginning of a relationship, a person tends to put a 'fake' personality so that they can get the other person attracted to them and they do their best to try to impress them, but overtime they can't keep doing this otherwise its too exhausting so their true nature begins to show.

How long does it take in your experience?
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if you're a good judge of character a day is all you need. or your intuition.
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It’s probably much longer, the honeymoon period can many months and you need to go though a variety challenges to get the true lie of the land. Betrayals and messy breakups still crop up from time to time in seemingly stable long term relationships
It can be 5 minutes (like instantly and then a few more minutes to confirm). It can be never. Some people can be read easily. Others can be inscrutable.

Mind reading where you see right into someone's inner soul, thoughts and emotions is possible. With the right circumstances if you use empathy and observation. It's a beautiful thing when that happens.
It can vary a lot depending upon individual skill at reading people, common sense life experience & ability to learn from it, emotional investment and how honest the person is.
But gut instinct will usually pick up on the signs when someone is untrustworthy or there is something very wrong.

There are deceitful people with an almost perfect facade who are often highly skilled sociopaths.
Tend to be oscar deserving performers, very difficult to truly know and impossible for a normal person to fully understand.
These types are able to dupe those whom they want to mislead for decades.
Only revealing their true agendas and real personalities in extreme anger or when they have planned to do so.

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