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Am I allowed to do a study/placement abroad course?

No idea where else to post this, so it's here. Let me know if I need to move it elsewhere. Home student with settled status, first entry into the UK in 2008 with no long-term absences (nothing over 3 weeks) since.

As part of my ongoing university-course-related existential crisis I'm looking at courses to apply for next year because it's increasingly looking like I'm going to be taking a gap year and reapplying for a different course.

The courses that interest me have a research placement year abroad as part of the course, but would this mess with my residency? Would the academic year's absence hinder me in terms of Home Office stuff, e.g. prevent me from getting citizenship in the future?

I don't exactly trust my school to answer this question because last time I asked them about this sort of thing they nearly got me incorrectly classified as an international student, so if anyone here could help that would be great. Personal experiences from students with settled status who went on study/placement abroad years would be great too.

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