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Online dating Learning - using example

Hello, I’m trying to learn from past mistakes in online dating to improve so picked a few. I wanted to get an opinion on one of them. This was ages ago so I have moved on now but I picked it as it’s a good example.

Messaging through the app with 1 woman went well and we met for drinks. After drinks, we had the following message exchange on the app.

Me “Thank you for a great evening and hope you get home safe. I enjoyed our drinks. 🙂 Would you be up for meeting again”

Her “Hello (name)! Yeah got home safe thanks, had a lovely eve :smile: yeah meeting up again would be cool :smile:

Me “Glad you had a lovely eve and got home safe. 🙂 Cool, I was thinking we could go to (place). Might find wine instead of gin this time 😂. I can do most evenings & weekend next week except Friday and Thursday. Or the week after, I’m free other than (dates) when I’m away. Let me know what works best for you. :smile: Did you get your glasto tickets btw?”

After this no reply - I left it 4/5 days. Then moved to WhatsApp. She had given me her number on the first date but the last 2 digits were the wrong way round which I had figured out at this point.

Me “Hey (name), it’s (name) from (app). 🙂 Realised the last 2 digits of your number were the wrong way around. That’s why it didn’t send before. 😂”

Her “loool oh god were they?! How much wine did I have? 😂Well done for figuring it out”

Me”Are you sure you’re not an alcoholic? 😂 Tbf, I lost count after the gin - apparently it’s a big thing at markets this year. 😂 Are you still keen on doing it again? 😂 I can do Saturday or Wednesday.“

This is one example but similar things happen alot. And I want to know - using this one as an example, was there anything I said that was off or was it a simple case that she lost interest due to something most likely out of my control.

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