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Is he interested?

There is a guy I really like, he is a friend of my friends I’ve met him a few times he is the loveliest guy and we get along well. The last time I saw him he made the effort to come over to me and give a hug and we talked just the two of us for a good 10-15 minutes, we talked and laughed and he touched my arm as we laughed. I’ve messaged him a few times previously with the causal happy birthday etc but nothing more. I would have thought if he was interested he would have messaged. I have messaged him since being a bit cheeky to which he responded I was a cheeky little sod and he hopes to see me soon, How do I get his attention?, I really would like him to know I’m interested but not do it in some weird stalker way, if that makes any sense at all?, is he being friendly or flirty?, am I overthinking this and he’s not interested at all?
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Ask him on a date.
Coming from a guy, we love when girls message first, as sometimes we may have second thoughts due to some of us being way too nervous. And also the fact that he made sure that you guys hugged is a massive sign that he likes you, as guys wouldnt do that to girls they dont like. My advice is to continue messaging him, of course not 24/7 and 1000+ messages a day unless you guys find a flow and also take into account his personal routine, so he may not be able to respond everytime immediately, so dont overthink if he doesnt respond right away.

Ask him out!

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