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Work experience for forensic pathology?

Hi, i'm fifteen and in year 20 who lives near Liverpool. I really want to be a forensic pathologist in the future so i'm looking for work experience to help develop my skills but as I understand it's very hard for someone my age to get direct work experience with forensic pathologist, so any advice is really appreciated as I'm looking for choices!
I'm also looking to go to college instead of sixth form if that is any relevance.

I'm very grateful if anyone has any help to give!
To be a pathologist of any variety you need to do a medical degree, so you need to do the work experience required to get on a medical degree. However, this wouldn't be until you're in 6th form, as work experience done during your GCSEs isn't going to normally be suitable/acceptable for when you apply to medical school as it will be "out of date".

Also worth noting that to become a forensic pathologist, as noted you need to do an entire medical degree covering the full range of medicine, then complete the foundation programme rotating through different areas of medicine, then do the initial stage of histopathology training, and only then enter into higher specialty training in forensic pathology. So you'll be doing at least 7 to 8 years of the whole range of medicine (degree then foundation programme) then I think 3 years at least of histopathology training across general histopathology areas, before that specialty. So in general you shouldn't be planning on a specific medical specialty before beginning the medical degree.

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