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Hinge 1st date! Men help me please!


I am a woman (26).
I was talking to a man on the hinge app for two days and there was good flow of communication before the first date.

On the first date we kissed and there was a spark.

After the date, the messages from him became slower and now it's been over a week since the date and the messages from him are coming every other the day.

Regardless of the timing of the messages, he does reply back nice and well with lots of messages in one go. Which is very confusing.

I cannot tell if he is still interested or not?
Can a man here please explain what is going on?

Much appreciated! Thank you!
My advice is to go out more. One date and one kiss in my opinion is not enough to determine whether the guy is into you for the long run or just for the short term. Also, begin to show commitment from your side, begin texting him first, begin engaging conversations that are focused on both of you. Get to know him better first.

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