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19f hinge date got postponed, did i get de-prioritised? :(

hi, thanks for viewing this post! basically i'm new to the online dating scene, and managed to schedule my first ever hinge date for tomorrow. however he texted a few hours later saying he got the dates wrong and asked if we could do monday night instead. this neveer happened to me before but i'm guessing it's pretty common in dating apps? bc you constantly get a load of likes and matches, so if you get a "better option" youd prioritise that one... i mean monday night just doesn't feel like a dating night.
i'm already a bit insecure so wanted to know if this was normal so i don't feel too bad about myself ahaha
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You'll never really know until Monday night. Not worth worrying about things that haven't already happened.
If they’ve immediately rescheduled I would not read too much into it
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One date reschedule is permissible, particularly with an immediate rearrangement. More than that knock it on the head
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Don't worry too much about it, especially since it was rescheduled so soon and to a close date. Somethings just come up sometimes. I hope your date goes well for you ^-^
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thank you everyone <3
any first date tips for hinge, good convo starters / should i go pub or bar / what to text on the day / should i ask for his number?

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