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Is medicine still an option?

I picked my A-Level options intending to do pharmacy, I study Maths, Chemistry and Religion, Philosophy & Ethics
However, now I am rethinking and really want to do medicine instead but I did not take biology. Do you think I can still do it?
I am year 12 and only 2 terms in but my school does not let you change your options after September. :frown:
My GCSE grades were 8 in bio, 7 in chem & physics, 8 in maths, 7 in FM
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List of entry requirements for all UK Med Schools - uk-medical-school-entry-requirements-2024-entry.pdf (
A lot of UK medical schools do not require biology- very little of what you will learn in A level biology has much bearing on medicine.
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This is awesome, thank you!

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