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feeling frustrated bc my brother is privately educated and i wasn't

My younger brother was privately educated from the age of 5, whereas I only went private for sixth form. I am grateful for the two years I had, but I can't help but resent sometimes the privileges that my brother enjoyed.

During my time at sixth form, I would feel left out when my friends started jokingly conversing in a foreign language (like mandarin) that was mandatory for them pre-gcse but I'd never learned. Or when they referenced literature I hadn't read. They were great friends but there was always that wall between us.

It's hard to see my brother doing homework on languages I wanted to learn, literature I wanted to study, packing his bag for the exchange trip I so badly wanted. I think it's hard especially because a) we grew up close, b) I am bookish and being knowledgeable had been a part of my identity for a long time, and c) at uni I am the "private school" one and that's also strangely become a part of my identity over time

I can't really blame my parents (or my brother obviously) because he was only sent to private school because their financial situation improved compared to when I was at schooling age. Right now I'm trying to study what I missed out on, but I have to prioritise uni work and I have no teacher to guide me through the materials so it's not really possible. All the while my brother is receiving the education without realising the privilege.

How do I deal with this mentally and practically?? Anyone relate??
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You can learn languages at university for a fee. At mine it was £100 for the year. Worth looking into.

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