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Russel Group Univeristy T Levels (or BTEC?)

Does anyone know which Russel Group unis accept T levels as an entry requirement other than having a levels. And if so, what is the requirements?
That would depend on the University and the course.

For example, this computer science course at Sheffield accepts a T level (distinction) alongside A level maths

You'll need to check the pages of specific courses.
BTECs are pretty commonly accepted, sometimes they may require it to be in combination with specified A-levels and for a few it may be less competitive.

T-levels are much less commonly accepted as they aren't designed as university preparatory courses. If your goal is to go to university then I wouldn't really recommend T-levels as they're designed for students intending to enter the workforce after finishing school.
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T-Levels were designed specifically for entry to vocational courses below degree level, and apprenticeships - and because they are not 'academic', many top Unis will not accept them. You may find that 'UCAS points' Unis are far more likely to accept T levels - simply because of the more vocational angle of many of their courses. Advice to anyone aiming at a top/competitive Uni is always to take A levels - whatever your school tells you.

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