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Wanting to change from BTEC to A-level a term into college

I'm currently studying in college, and I was set out to do a T-Level in Software Development. However I did pretty rubbish in my Computer Science GCSEs so I had to take a BTEC IT course instead, which I regret.

Upon making the decision of doing IT, I was considering doing Football Journalism, and right now iam reconsidering that option. I love Football and I do take an interest in writing about things, so I believe I would thoroughly enjoy this proffesion.

If I decide to do Journalism, I would need to change courses, preferably to A-Levels. Here is what I've thought about changing courses to (bearing in mind we are a term into college, so I will have a LOT of catching up to do.)

A-Level Media Studies

A-Level Film Studies

A-Level RE

I'm unsure whether my college will allow for this to happen, considering iam by no means an "exceptional student" and achieved mostly 5s (and a 6 in English Language) at GCSE level.

I'm wondering if this combination of courses is enough to try get on a degree for Journalism.

I understand it is pretty drastic to change from a BTEC to doing three A-Levels completely unrelated to my current course, and that I will have a lot of catching up to do, however I'm willing to put the hard work in to make this possible.

Has anyone else changed from a BTEC to doing A-Levels a term into college? How did you find it? And is it recommended I complete this change, or am I destined to fail?
I can’t offer specific advice , however, while it is by no means easy , it would be possible to catch up on the missed work if you worked really really hard on the subjects . It would take a lot of work , and your college have good reason not to let you because of how much you’ve missed and no previous interest in the subjects, but it’s not impossible, and if you’re really sure you absolutely should try .
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I do have a little bit of interest in RE, especially learning about the spiritual world recently. It is also an essay based subject so it would be ideal. I'm also opening up to the possibility of switching colleges or going to a sixth form and completing my studies there, not decided anything yet however

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