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Mixed messages at work

I'm always receiving mixed messages for my performance at work.

My boss advised me to present my work more often in my team, which I've been doing. But then when I have a meeting with my boss, they would criticise me because I always show the same kind of work to the team.

I've only been showing the team and my boss the work I was tasked and requested to do.

Whenever I've volunteer to do other pieces of work my boss would dismiss me and get someone else to do the work instead.

If I show my work to the team I get criticised, if I don't show any work because there isn't any work for me to present I still get criticised.

I can never win.

I also get accused of not being a team player because I'm not a big talker.

I don't want to make myself into a fool and just things for the sake of saying it...

I am really self-conscious because I know what my boss thinks of me.

I'm just trying to do the right thing, but it's just never good enough :frown:

is this right?

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