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Is it worth to choose Salford fashion business & promotion?

Is Salford Uni's fashion business & promotion course accredited in the UK? I saw Salford Art & design graduate prospects is even higher than MMU So MMU vs Salford, which Fashion business course is better for working in the fashion industry? I don't know if I should choose Salford as my backup choice.

Although Salford fashion ranking is good enough, its overall QS ranking is below the average If I work in the fashion industry Salford would be fine for me as its fashion ranking is not bad, even though the uni's overall QS ranking is not high.

However, there is a chance that I may want to work outside the fashion industry. So the university's overall QS ranking may become important in this situation. I don't know if employers in the UK will focus a lot on the university's ranking, especially if I don't have any working experience. I am afraid that it will be difficult to find internships/ jobs if my university ranking is low.

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