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Threads about South Asian parents on TSR

Man, every so often I see threads saying “I’m 19 but my Muslim parents don’t let me leave home for university”, or “I’m 28 and my south Asian parents making my life hell!”

I’m south Asian too: Damn, just leave? Archive and mute their messages so you don’t see their texts? Stop the internet crying and stop the abuse, just act. I promise, it is that simple. I’ve experienced it first hand, I really promise you it is that simple. It’s frustrating giving them the solutions they asked for (not just “move out”), and they give you excuses like “but…but…but…”

The only true burden would be the financial aspects. If they do happen to disown you, which would be *their* fault and *them* distancing themselves from you, which is probably a good thing, then that means they can’t help you with finances. In that case, I would make sure I’m financially stable, before doing anything that would make childish parents lash out and disown me over moving out or wearing ripped jeans

Here on tsr, you often see the ‘loop’. They want to be “free”, but don’t want to risk a bad relationship ir disownment. Well, if it’s really like that, just choose instead of crying for solutions you won’t accept. You want freedom or you want a good relationship? Mind you, you don’t have to choose between the two, if you play your cards right and say the right things, but I’m assuming the worst case example for you. If you can’t have both, act like the adult you are and choose. Conscientiously of course, the biggest burden being the financial one where you would need planning ahead, even if that takes years, if you do choose the “Freedom” route
Easier said than done, it depends on the household.

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