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Serious Misconduct Hearing

Hi all, just wondering if I could get some advice, I and a few other people are accused of transphobia to another student and also I am accused of transphobia due to a comment under a tik tok video. Personally, I do not feel as though my comments are transphobic and have been taken way out off context. I have already had a zoom meeting regarding this and the university have deemed it a serious breach of behavior and therefore I am due to have a hearing possibly about my future in a few weeks, I am worried because although I was being rude and joking about, I do not see how what I said has come across as transphobic. Should I drop out of university and start again next year or wait and see the outcome of the hearing?
If you don't believe that your comments could even be misconstrued as transphobic, I'm not sure why you are considering dropping out? However, if the uni deem it serious after having an initial review then there must presumably be some merit in the claims.

In all cases it's best to be honest and apologetic. Acknowledge that the comment was rude, but explain the context of what you meant by it.
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As above, there is no point in ducking and diving. Deal with the issue at hand in an appropriate manner. At the end of the day, even being rude and/or derisive about another student online can be enough to trigger a disciplinary because it is a breach of set regulations to engage in such behaviour.

You need to cop to being a bit naughty and offensive, and then explain the context around why you think yes, this was rude and nasty, but not transphobic.
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What was the comment made? If the university find it to be transphobic they’ll decide what happens

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