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Muslim Brothers and Sisters


Brothers and Sisters. I hope you are well and in the strongest health and imaan. My question to you is would you say that despite making it clear to the girl you would like to marry, about marriage and that you are told it maybe 2/3 years of wait to get married and in telling her parents. You’ve waited nearly 2 years and although she has other goals such as wanting to complete her driving, complete her degree with only a year left before graduation all this that she’d hope to achieve this year and next year before even talks of marriage then get underway whilst I maybe in acceptance and have the willingness to wait for her is it harsh in seeking a little reassurance from the girl parents in-spite of my parents being aware of my desire to marry the girl and that do you also think it is a little selfish to think about personal goals rather than something we both want and that I have made clear to her to about just engagement before any talks of marriage get underway which will most likely be after her university in this current situation what would you do in my scenario and within my shoes what is your opinion on this.



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