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I hate my whole damn school

Seriously, except for my friends, and even some of them turned into utter ********. The whole damn Balkans decided to listen to music what could only be described as a trash can collection of the most primal stupidity of humanity. And then, like 7/10 students aren't even concerned with any subject, they manage to just be *******s, somehow fail PE even tho they're the most athletic person and some even accepted hits of weed like what the actual **** is happening?! I'm sorry for ranting, truly but I'm trying to rant somewhere where I'll receive actual help. My class was pretty blessed but god damn are the 5 dumbasses in my class getting on my nerves. And now the teachers. So, today we were playing with a plastic snake from the terrarium in biology and like 6 miniscule pieces of most likely plastic moss fell down, I cleaned it up and the 2 of us got the punishment to bring each 1 plastic bag with moss inside, have in mind that we didn't do any real damage accept like 20 grams of moss were lost and guess what? The dumb teacher said that if we don't turn ourselves in she will just make the whole class have a test because of 2 people. And the other teachers make me want to throw their massive desks at them, especially the Physics and Chemistry teacher, god damn you can't use your own method, I got 3 points on 2 problems each and she removed all the points which I needed to pass because I didn't use her stupid method which just runs you 2 mathematic circles and is more irrational than my fear of a new plague. I swear the maths teacher is great, but my socials (also my native language teacher (Croatian)) is a *****, she literally calls the moms of 2 kids if something bad happens EVEN IF THEY WORK IT OUT, I swear I'm so done with this life and it doesn't help that my little half sister is constantly annoying me and I got more classes tomorrow which are gonna bore me to death. I hope this isn't too long.

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