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MSc Statistics at Southampton or Lancaster?

As the title said which one?

Also is southampton accreditted by RSS, if not is it bad for employment?
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Lancasters. just had a shed load of funding for AI but this in turn will make the maths and stats dept grow with phd positions.

Not sure on the acreditation for lancaster but think I found something here?

Its very difficult to decide which one, they are both good unis. Pretty far away from each other geographically. My eldest does particle physics at Lancaster and the support shes had has been brilliant. They helped her get internships, and also helped in her application to get a phd at Manchester, so cannot fault all the support they have provided. But Southampton I imagine is pretty great as well. Might be worth talking to a student at the uni? they have students that can give first hand advice 🙂
I've got offers from them aswell. Both have high ranked statistics departments so kind of a tough decision. I think I'm favouring Lancaster though just because I like the look of the modules better.
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Im still undecided on which uni to pick. I have looked at both places and I prefer the city of Lancaster over Southampton. I have done some research and it seems that rent in Lancaster is about £10-15 cheaper week which is a plus but i dont think this will be enough to offset the £4k more in tuition. I have also seen that Southamptons course is not RSS accredited whereas Lancaster is but I know that this is voluntary and should not put too much emphasis on the accreditation (which my tutor said). In the end which one has the better course, i.e. more respectable/known course and job prospects. I would also like to know if I did the Southamptons course would it be up to standards of the RSS?

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