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Driving theory test

I started revising for my driving theory test about two weeks ago and I’m consistently getting 48-49/50 on the multiple choice questions and 4-5 on the individual hazard test videos (a range of 58-65 ish in total).
I have my driving theory test booked in for next Wednesday but now my anxiety is through the roof. I haven’t had a single panic attack since last November and now I just have a sense of panic hanging over me.

I have a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree but the last exam I sat was back in 2020. I am petrified of failure and what that means for me if I fall below the pass mark. I know I can just resist the test but I cannot manage weeks (or even months) of further panic attacks. A part of me wants to cancel the test completely so that I don’t have to attend but I know I will have to do it at a later date anyway.

I secured 49/50 on my last mock test and that was during a panic attack about twenty minutes ago.

Any advice would be appreciated.
Heya! Dont hv any advice rn but just wanted to say I’ll be thinking of u nxt Wednesday. Mines Thursday and I relate to u it feels easier to just cancel but u seem to b rlly prepared and at the end of the day theirs only sm u can do it just depends what questions come up. Wishing u the best☺️🫶
I’ll be honest, it’s not worth the stress. It’s a very easy test and if you fail you can just do another, it’s less daunting than the real driving test. You’ll be fine.

I didn’t revise at all for it and still passed my theory first time.
Good luck for your practical

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