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I am currently sofa surfing and have been looking at house shares, I have now come across the issue that apparently students are not entitled to housing benefit. I do not work alongside uni so I only have that income. Is there anyone who is able to tell me if I would get the maximum maintenance as a single person in a house share and no other income. There is no way I would be able to afford £600 a month rent out of my student finance when I get around 9k a year.
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Hi there. What age are you? When are you looking to start your course? Thanks, Leah.
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Hi, I am 38 and I am in year 2 of my university course.
Original post by Billie-34
Hi, I am 38 and I am in year 2 of my university course.
Thanks Billie.

In this case, you would automatically be eligible for the highest amount of Maintenance Loan. Are you already receiving a lower amount of Student Finance or have you not submitted an application yet?

Thanks again - David
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What is the highest amount as I have seen different information.
Hi Billie.

The Maximum Maintenance Loan amount will differ depending on each students situation. The total amounts are listed on the Gov.UK site page I have linked below;
Student finance for undergraduates: New full-time students - GOV.UK (

Thanks - David

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