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How to get 8s and 9s?

Hey, I’m predicted all 8s and 9s in cores, french, history, psychology, computer science and further maths but I’m not getting those grades yet in mocks. How can I try and improve my grades?

(At the moment I’m doing 1-2 hours of revision a night, going to interventions for maths, further maths, english, programming and science)

A lot of the time I struggle to focus while I’m revising or I procrastinate, and I didn’t do enough work in year 10/ before christmas this year so I’m only a tiny percentage of the way through making flashcards for each topic and stuff.

I have a decent memory so I can still get by with 6s and 7s if I just cram but it’s really stressful and I want to do the best I can.

Literally any tips would be appreciated for any of my subjects/ in general.

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In general, I’d say you should be doing more revision hours. Ime those who get these grades do at least 3 hours on school nights and more at weekends.

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