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How to stop caring what your colleagues think?

There are 2 colleagues at work who I have to sit near that just make me feel anxious all the time. They’re always so blunt (especially to me in particular) I’ve always been so kind and pleasant to them. But the fact for the past 2 years since I joined it’s just knocking the light out of me.

They always go to lunch without me, i even asked if I could join them one time because my boyfriend said maybe they didn’t think I wanted to join. They made some excuse up saying someone at the desk needed to be present but it transpired that they asked another colleague who sits at the same desk if she wanted to join!

I can’t help but think i must have done something without realising which is also beating me up. They are 30 and I’m 25 but they act like they’re in high school always bickering etc
You will never get on with and be liked by every single person you meet. It's nothing you've done, sometimes people just don't get on. They have made it clear they don't want to spend time with them, so don't try and force it. Find someone else to have lunch with or just eat alone.

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