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Date of 4 months that didn’t help me

Someone double parked and my date of 4 months (M34) didn’t help me (F34) any opinions?

Yesterday I was at my “bfs” and when I left and got to my car someone had double parked and I couldn’t go home.
I called my bf telling him that I couldn’t go and that I couldn’t move the other car either as it had the security brake on.
He told me to call the police and I asked him if I could go back to his place because I was getting out of battery too.
My surprise came when he asked me to call the police again so they could move the car.
There I was straight: is it not more “normal” that I go back to your place, charge my mobile a bit, and wait so I don’t have to call the police? It’s only been 20min since I’m waiting”
His answer: no, call the police and if you get out of battery you can come.
All this through texting, luckily the guy who double parked came and I could get home, but I didn’t have any battery left.
I texted him when at home and told him I was at home, but I was all my way back crying because of the lack of help…
It seems a bit of lacking of judgement on his part as he seems it wasn't a worry to him if your only waiting 20 mins as you could of walked back to his place.

He should of came out and waited with you (personally what I would do), let him know he should of come and helped with the situation you were in and not by texting as that would of meant more to you and that what he was doing at the time.

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