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How do I break up with him without hurting him?

My cousin confessed to me.
Our parents are siblings. We both have been friends since we were born.
And when he confessed to me I was stunned to speak, and he was rushing me to answer him. But I told him that we have always been friends and I dont want to hurt you with a cold answer. And I said that we could see what will happen to our feelings for a while. But he took it as yes as my word seemed like it. But now I look back I wonder why I didn't thought about more. Its been 3 days and I am losing my mind. I keep thinking about what I have got myself into.
We are in a long distance relationship and we have been only messaging.
His tone changed.
The timing of his massages changed.
The way I see the world also changed.
I don't like this feeling.
I can't focus. I'm so stressed out.
I feel like I am forcing myself to do this.
Can somebody help to be able to master courage to break up with him without hurting him. I don't want him to misunderstand me.
And I am older than him. we have spend almost all time together. I don't understand how I become his crush.
Please, help me out here!!

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