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Leaving the UK to work abroad

I am seeking to leave the UK to work abroad.

Do i need to learn french or german to work in france and germany?

Is isle of man a good place to go?
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I don't know anything about France, but you will absolutely need German to work in Germany unless you work at a company where the office language is English. It will be difficult to find work otherwise, as you will be overlooked in favour of local candidates who do speak German. I imagine France would probably be similar. In general, always seek to learn the language of the place you're moving to - it will save you a lot of resentment from locals and help you generally since you won't be relying on Google Translate to do your official admin (which there is A LOT of in Germany, fyi) for you.
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To live and work in another country yes, you will need the local language - even just as much as to get by with groceries, day to day life etc, if the language of your workplace is English. And most workplaces will probably expect you to know the local language and English (bear in mind in the EU it's pretty common for students to leave school having studied not only their native language, but also English another EU language).

Also you may need to pass a language test for visa purposes for some countries.

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