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How are we going to save Linguistics and MFL at uni level?

Queen Mary (QMUL) apparently will no longer offer linguistics and a raft of minor universities are doing away with MFL. German is hardly taught in secondary schools, and students doing French have dwindled. Meanwhile we read that "foreign students" are leaving in droves. I have never met an unemployed language or linguistics student. Are these regarded as "hard subjects" (and perhaps Linguistics, non-woke) and hence shunned. Also admin people, can we have a CLEAR PHD stream please. We are still students.
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Our school has more or less given up doing MFL "A" levels. You can only do one if you take it as your fourth subject and do it in tutor time. Linguistics lecturer at Lancaster rolled her eyes and said "what is going wrong with languages in schools?" when she heard this.

Swansea have dropped the word "Linguistics" from their TESOL course, although they still mention it in the modules and in the background image of the subject page.

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