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Bisexual Female. I'm only attracted to oriental girls! watch

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    I have a bit of a dilemma. For a while now I have known that I am attracted to boys and girls. But the trouble I have is that I am only attracted to oriental looking girls. (e.g chinese, japanese, thai, Korean heritage).
    This is proving tough as I would like a relationship with a girl yet I have never found a girl of oriental heritage or who comes from eastern asia that is also bisexual or lesbian. I am unsure whether this is because of strict upbringings or strict cultures, pardon my ignorance!
    Or whether they dislike western looking girls perhaps?
    I have long brown hair, blue eyes, I am very feminine looking. Perhaps they presume I do not like girls by the way I look as I am a very girly girl!

    Are there oriental bisexual/ lesbian societies in england? It would be great if someone could help me out! Thank you!

    Why don't you go to a gay bar/club?

    I am sure there are oriental lesbians/bisexuals even if there are less of them about.

    I find you tend not to find what you want when you're looking for it...

    go to match.com or something come on, finding people is so easy these days... the internet has sucked all the skill out of it. :P

    Like this ?:


    i'm bisexual and i'm born to chinese parents in england, but i really dont feel there'd be any 'oriental bisexual/ lesbian societies', although u can wish realllly hard.

    It seems kinda weird how u just seem attracted to oriental looking girls. I think it can be harder girls from a traditional chinese family to be open about their sexuality, but i that shouldnt mean u cant find someone that u like.

    I think u should just carry on as normal, there's no need to actively seek people out. Someone special will come your way naturally.
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    im bisexual and im korean! But i dont even know if i should claim myself as one, since i have never come across a REAL girl that i get drawn to in real life. Instead, i have mere 2 or 3 celebrities that i am sexually attracted to and are girls. so maybe im not a bisexual. or maybe i am. OH WELL!!!!
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