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Boyfriend and his Ex watch

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    My boyfriend and i have been together now for nearly 9 months, and near the start of our relationship i found a sort of scrapbook that his ex had given him in one of his drawers. It had pictures and she talked about how much she loved him blah blah blah. I never told him i had seen it until we had an argument one night, where he told me he had forgotten it was even there. He assured me he'd throw it away as it meant nothing to him so i left it at that.

    When he was moving out of his mums it surfaced again but he left it there and didn't bring it with him to his new place. His mum came to the flat with a bag of things he left on moving day and the scrapbook, of course, was there. He told me he'd get rid of it (again) but recently i found it in a box under the bed.

    Would any of you be worried by this? Should i confront him?

    I guess im just worried that he misses her or still has feelings for her. He's told me she means nothing to him anymore and that our relationship is far better than the one he had with her. But i can't help wonder...

    Would be grateful to know what people's opinions are!

    Its memories, I think its quite harmless tbh sometimes its nice to keep things from the past. I'd only be worried if he was looking at it frequently or if he'd have acted all strange over you finding it. I think its harmless.

    It's hard to chuck out stuff that was once important to you. tbh I think it's unreasonable to expect him to do so. Him keeping it doesn't necessarily have anything to do with her, in the same way that I keep photos that happen to have exes in them - they're part of my history.

    I think he'd be more secretive with it if he still has feelings for her.

    I think its just something from the past my boyfriend has old valatines day cards and a scrapbook his ex made him of photos of them and little notes etc etc and at first it was horrible to look at because when your in the realtionship you want to feel like your the only one theyve ever had feelings for. The reason its not nice to see is that its not nice to think of the person your are in love with being in love with somebody else unfortunatly though most people do have a past they have been in love with somebody else and you just have to accept it.

    I think while your living at homeor whatnot you can keep those sort of things for sentimental value, but If i move in with my boyfriend then ill insist that anything from our ex's gets put into the bin.
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