Overtime problems at Sainsburys!!please help.. Watch

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Hi guys,help..
So I've been working with the company for about 6 months,and my original contracted hours are Saturday and Friday .I agreed to do this in semester 1 as I had Fridays off at uni, but now in semester 2 I haven't got Fridays off. I alerted my manager about this and he said it should be ok and he would switch my shift to Sunday.

However this must be third or fourth where he has called me to tell me I had overtime ,usually for a Friday,, but I didn't turn up. And he says he asked me every time, when he did not.my word against his. It's really not professional and I'm scared I'm going to get a warning or lose my job because of this thing.
Over Easter holidays I agreed to work three Fridays until holiday finished.
I'm contracted for 48 hours per month but usually do 72. Today he called to tell me I was on the schedule , whereas I had checked the schedule,there was a +8??? Next to my name, he never asked me about the extra hours so assumed the people who usually do those where in. He's just told I'm bending over backwards to suit your hours but you aren't willing to work Fridays which you should be working!!

Uni comes first. I have 6 deadlines and 3 exams this month and I'm done.im very confused as he said it was ok, now he's bringing up the you work Fridays card , how do I handle this??am I allowed to say no or should I just quit???
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Have you gone through the proper contract change, eg filled in the form, got it signed off by manager etc? I've done it when my learning days changed this year at uni for different semesters and my boss was ok with it... Sainsburys support students and you are entitled to two weeks off I think study leave but it is unpaid..
You don't have to accept overtime, but just remember, like anything, the more you say no, the more you won't get asked... Just try stick with it for the next couple of weeks and then take all the hours you can over summer, but it you can't work it then you can refuse to so it, rotas are scheduled 3 weeks in advance so there is plenty of time to say no/bring it up with your manager.

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