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    (Original post by Becca28)
    i had a bf like this....i dumped him
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    Don't let him walk over you. That is not the sort of relationship you want.
    He needs to understand that his word is not final.
    You could do with someone better...

    (Original post by Anonymous)
    my boyfriend is just too overbearing. i dont know how much i can take anymore
    hes really clingy, HATES it when i dont talk to people he doesnt know, goes in strops when im on the phone to somebody else, and goes moody when i talk to other people, say, on msn.

    A few days ago, me and him had words about things and wev decided to take things slowly, but he wanted to see me this weekend.
    I already had arrangements to see a friend at a different uni, so i just changed them to a weekend that suited him (because hes away)
    This morning i get a phone call
    'yeah iv realised that im not away that weekend anymore so you can cancel your trip to see ********.'
    'im not cancelling my plans again though cos thats not fair! Its just one weekend.'
    so now im in the ****, because he doesnt want me to go. NOW hes threatening to see his brother the weekend after that so i dont see him for a month. I really dont know when im doing right anymore. what should i do?
    That's not being clingy. That's being posessive and unreasonable and controlling. Imagine, if he's already telling you who to see, who not to see, when and as he wishes and because he said so, then it must be obeyed or else he punishes you by not letting you see him deliberately, just to hurt you. Think it through - does he care about you? Does he love you? If you married him, oh dear, if he's like that now and you're not even his wife, imagine the day when you are! I wouldn't marry such a guy and since marriage is out of the question, what's the point in staying in a relationship that's hurting and confusing you and will lead to nothing? Relationships are meant to build up, not tear down.

    You've done absolutely nothing wrong. The one person I have a slight problem with my bf talking to on ICQ is his ex-gf - even then I wouldn't go in a mood, I'd only make a joke about it lol. I encourage him to go visit his best friend in Oxford and he encourages me to meet up more often with my friends in different years. Your bf sounds very insecure and he sounds jealous for no reason. You're not in the wrong - stand your ground and go visit your friend. If he wants to deliberately hurt you by not seeing you the next weekend for this incident, then to be fair, he doesn't care about you and you shouldn't care to see him. If he decides to not see you, tell him - fine, I'll just make plans with other friends and have one hell of a weekend without you!

    Ultimately, dump him. He's not worth it. He sounds like a right tw*t.
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