Can you cancel the application for the reorder for the lost provision license?

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    I'm in kinda in a unique situation. Earlier this day I lost my wallet -- along with it, i lost my provisional driving license, debit card and my student accommodation's keycard. As a result, I canceled my credit card immediately, applied for reorder of the provisional license and filed a report for the lost wallet at the local police department ( I didn't expect much to come out of it).

    However, later today, a police officer knocked on my door and informed me that my wallet was delivered to the station by an elderly man (for which I'm really grateful -- not everyday this happens), but right now I'm in a sort of dilemma. I paid around £20 for the replacement of the license via internet, but since It's returned, is it possible to expect a refund and cancellation? Since it was only placed recently.

    Kind regards,


    P.S. I realize that situation I described above is very rare, but I'd like some pointers.

    Why don't you just call up DVLA and ask?

    if the application for the replacement licence has been accepted your old licence is now invalid and should nominally at least be returned as it;s issue number will indicate it;s the current licence
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Updated: October 18, 2016
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