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I am a mature student (over 25) and I am considering undertaking a HE course in September 2017-18( either full time foundation course or a BTEC HND in Business Management) and I need some guidance in a few areas please.

1. As i will be reducing my working hours I will need a maintenance grant to survive! My husband has just taken voluntary redundancy which means his earnings for
2015/16 & 2016/17 will be inflated. In 2017/18 they will be considerably lower and therfore when I apply i will need to ask for my application to be assessed on 2017/18 estimated earnings . Am i able to do this in January or do i have to wait until the 2017/18 tax year begins in April before I can apply for finance?. I need to know ASAP as no maintenance loan = no course for me!

2. Secondly, I am debating whether to take a foundation degree at Nottingham which is 40 miles from home or a BTEC HND at a local college . I really need to be able to be able to access a maintenance loan to cover the reduction in my wages whilst studying. Could you advise what level of student finance is avaliable on BTEC HNDs please?

3. I am over 25 and live in my own privately owned home. For student finance purposes am i classed as "living at home" or "living away from home outside London"?

Many thanks
Morven SFE
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Hi Deb,

I am unable to provide figures of funding available yet... as they are still to be published. But i can advise you based on what youve advise you would qualify for funding (Providing youve not done this type of course before) or have a qualification higher than the BTEC HND. We would be able to offer Tuition fees and Maintenance Loans. We no longer offer Maintenance grants to new students from 2016 onwards.

For academic year 2017/18 we will be asking for income from the tax year 15/16. If the household income in 17/18 tax year will be less than what your husband earned in 15/16 tax year then a form can be completed to have your application assessed based on his current earnings (which would be tax year 17/18 by the time applications are available).

Hope this helps

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