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    (Original post by ThePricklyOne)
    The whole point about public space is that EVERYONE can use it. Loud people and quiet people. People who want company and people who do don't. Social etiquette involves interpreting body languaage and knowing when an approach is welcome or not. And when NOT to force someone to have conversation with you.

    Don't be disingenious. It is about men and women. If I posted that I want to be alone in a f*kin library, no one would have a problem with it. But it's different rule for a girl. I don't hear male runners complaining of unwanted attention or catcalls when they run. Why is that? Do we guys own the public space whereas women do not? We're in the UK right?

    Creepy and uncomfortable is not the reality of life. Nor is feeling scared when going out into public spaces. If that's the case, then you won't mind moving to Syria, where things are pretty scary no matter your gender.
    Couldn't have worded it better myself.

    (Original post by _Sinnie_)
    I wonder because I'm the one of the only people being nice to you, who offers some insight, advice and different perspective and you're choosing to pick a fight with me. Do you even know what you're disagreeing with me about?

    You're making a slew of generalisations about an entire gender. I'm really not sure what you expect or want when you have such entrenched beliefs. You literally pre judge each man before you speak to them.

    I didn't suggest that and you know it. Don't try and trick me into sinking into the mud.
    Don't kid yourself. You're not being nice to her.

    A nice person wouldn't tell a friend to back down and take it when that friend is being attacked. Or charge up to defend her attackers.

    (Original post by PrinceWilliams)
    You sound like a supreme gentleman who doesn't get fancied a lot. :rolleyes:

    If I caught some perv ****ing around with my GF at the library I'd deck him. Real men protect their women from beta creeps, not act like sorry ass fedoras.

    Also, OP sherlockfan I sympathise, public libraries are FULL of weirdos. I used to go to the one next to my college before I was at uni, and you literally see dodgy ass ****ers all the time. There was some guy with his phone out and trying to film schoolboys (srs), and another guy who'd constantly talk to the female librarians about ******** in a loud voice it was so obvious. Sorry this happened btw :console:
    So you're telling me that if Brock Lesnar was visiting the public library ... and he smacked your girlfriend on the ass..... you are gonna try and deck him?

    Right. I would love to see the trade-off curve between virtue signalling and the probability of being comatose for life.

    #30andvirgin innit?
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