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Wondering if someone took a photo of me whilst on a bus…

I’m not too sure how posting works on here, but I thought I’d give it a go to see if anyone could help me out :smile:(this is a little bit of a vent/me asking for advice)Earlier today, I was on a (school) bus which I have been taking every day for over a year - nothing has ever happened or made me feel uncomfortable. However I overheard a group of guys standing next to me, talking about a girl of my description e.g they described my height, hair, where I was standing on the bus and laughing. I don’t mean to be self conceited, but it was a very accurate description of how I looked at the time, so I was a bit creeped out as there wasn’t anybody else who looked similar next to me - so I assume it was me they were talking about. One was telling the other “she’s behind you” and the friend replied that he couldn’t see, so the first one said “I’ll take a picture”. I have no clue if they took a photo of me, of someone else, or even any photo at all, and I’m aware that they didn’t really do anything illegal. Am I crazy for assuming it was me? Is it weird or am I overthinking when I don’t know the full story? Just wondering what someone else would do in this situation :smile:
hey there,

In high school, I had experience with people taking photos/ videos of me and I can 100% understand how you feel right now.

If it's a school bus then all you can do is tell your school, and a teacher you trust so they can be talked to, there are usually cameras on all buses, if you like you can email the bus company you take if it isn't a school bus.

As none of what they did was illegal, I'm afraid there's not much more than that that can be done.

You're not crazy for assuming it was you, teenagers suck at being subtle, however, all I can suggest is you try not to take it to heart. They will go after anyone, and it isn't a reflection of you.

I completely sympathise with your situation and if you need anything feel free to PM me <3

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